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You have probably heard that a recent Court decision ruled that it is discriminatory for the Saskatchewan Government to provide funding for non-Catholic students attending a Catholic School – that Court decision is better known as the Theodore School Court Case.

The Saskatchewan Catholic School Board Association (SCSBA), on behalf of all Catholic Schools in Saskatchewan, has been directly involved and was the first party to initiate an appeal of that Court Decision.  SCSBA is now one of several parties appealing the decision.  SCSBA anticipates that whatever the decision of the Court of Appeal, it will be referred further, to the Supreme Court of Canada.

To fund the costs of all of the legal fees that will be incurred, the SCSBA will be launching a fundraising campaign tomorrow morning.  We would ask all Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Councils and members to support the fundraising campaign in any and all ways that they can.

Below is a 6 page document that provide more information about the SCSBA Fundraising Campaign.

As further information, the Government of Saskatchewan supported by the official opposition is one of the parties that also appealed the Theodore School Court decision.  The Government has also introduced legislation to enact the Constitutional “Not-Withstanding” clause.

If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

God Bless

Brian Schatz
State Deputy
Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus


Click here to download the 6 page file.

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