Saskatchewan K of C Charitable Foundation Grants – 2023

The following grants were approved by the Saskatchewan K of C Charitable Foundation at the Annual General Meeting held in Prince Albert on Saturday, April 22, 2023.

Catholic Family Services in Saskatoon, North Battleford and Prince Albert. All 3 work with the inner-city youth and adults, with Saskatoon receiving extra support from the Endowments.

Lloydminster + Area Brain Injury offer free programs and support for those suffering from brain injuries as well as providing support for their caregivers with resources and respite. 

9 successful applications from our Youth Camps provide summer retreats for students around Saskatchewan. Through spiritual guidance, prayer and recreation most camps run 2-week sessions giving them a chance to increase their faith and an opportunity to interact with others. Camps involved were Rex Mundi/Christ the King Camp at Archerwill, St. Michael’s Camp at Madge Lake near Kamsask, Camp Lemieux at Lac Pelletier South West of Swift Current, Camp Monahan at Lebret, Camp O’Neill at Round Lake near Stockholm, St John Bosco Wilderness Camp out of Nipawin, Luseland Bible Camp at Luseland, Kenosee Boys + Girls Camp at Kenosee and Saskatoon Youth Development Complex at Blackstrap.

Columbus Bosco Homes provides a three-tier program with the Farm School Program by Aberdeen as well as providing Family Learning Centres Program for parents and children from birth to six years old and also offers a Substance Abuse Awareness Program at the Farm school on a referral basis with the Greater Saskatoon Catholic High School students.

 Face to Face Ministries operates out of Saskatoon and provides Christian youth ministry retreats around Saskatchewan. Support is needed to fund an additional 2 Summer Students, to provide programming for participants and assist the year-round staff. 

Creative Kids Saskatchewan is working to remove the financial barriers that prevent many children ages 4 to 19 from participating in arts, dance, theatre music and other cultural activities. Operating in over 240 communities across Saskatchewan. Funding is used for low-income families. 

The Support from the individual Endowments increased our support for Pro-Life causes.

Saskatoon Pregnancy Options operates an oasis of calm help for women and families facing a pregnancy crisis. Increased activity has caused the need for more staff and volunteers.

Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association works hard to provide information about life issues. Opposing sex-selective abortions, fighting to maintain the ability to lobby near hospitals and clinics performing abortions, supporting physicians’ “Conscious Right of Refusal” to participate in abortion and many more. They also coordinate the Annual March for Life in Regina. This year we have approved pay for one edition of the Choose Life News.

 St Paul’s Hospital Foundation Operates the “Hospice at Glengarda” in Saskatoon. The Hospice allows the families of those nearing the “end of life” an opportunity to live on-site with their loved one throughout his/her final days. We have agreed to Sponsor a “Hospitality Cart” over a five-year period, which will be stocked regularly with snacks and sundry items which are gifted to patients, their families and loved ones.

Santa Maria Foundation Inc. operates the Santa Maria Long Term Care Home located in Regina. A grant was given for new foam mattresses, which will allow the residents more comfort and in turn provide better rest. These will replace the old air mattresses.

 Guadalupe House, “Wake Honoring the Loss” is the third year of a four-year program. Offering individuals the opportunity to experience support, guidance and caring from elders within the indigenous community. Operating from 6 am to 6 pm to assist them and their families to deal with their emotions.

Circle Project Ass’n provides a Cultural Connection for kids. This program provides access to positive cultural activities where the children in our programs can learn/build cultural pride and self-esteem before entering kindergarten. This should help lead them to a more culturally enriched and supportive home environment as well. A grant was allocated to assist in this venture.

Turning Point Youth Ministries in Meadow Lake provides life skills programs and a safe place for youth to gather weekly. They serve largely an indigenous group with a healthy meal, mental health services, a laundry room, a shower and a clothing room. They are taught responsibility by helping to cook and being responsible to clean up after themselves. A grant will help provide food, programming supplies, heat and wages.

Justice Centre for Constitutional Rights is a law firm operating from Calgary defending Religious and Charter Rights and Constitutional Freedoms of individuals across Canada. Their legal team is experienced and competent in handling these cases by providing free pro bono legal advice and representation (if they need it). 80% of cases only need a letter from a legal representative to have charges dropped. They do have charitable status with CRA. A grant was given to help defend issues involving Saskatchewan defendants.

 Spina Bifida + Hydrocephalus Assoc. of Saskatchewan, work with these clients to allow them to move about freely. They need a special wheel attached to the front of their wheelchair for travelling over uneven terrain, and curbs and making winter wheeling somewhat easier and safer. A grant was given to purchase these wheels.

Micah Missions (operating with Sask. Partners) provides support for individuals returning to the community following a time of incarceration. Many coming out of these facilities need assistance in helping them not offend again. Their motto “No more victims of sexual violence” has proven successful for over 25 years.

Mother Teresa Middle School located in Regina is a school for inner-city grade 5 +6 students who are having trouble within the normal school environment. They need to replace their full-sized school bus. Attendance is critical and students come from anywhere within Regina. A grant was given to assist with this purchase.

St. Peter’s College provides University level courses to students at the local level. As well, they provide educational programming around spiritual and societal topics. A grant was provided for hosting lunch speaker events, meet and greet sessions at the beginning of term and anything that will help impact a positive experience for their students.

 Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Board of Education is hosting the Canadian Catholic Trustees Assoc. 2023 Annual Convention + AGM on June 1-3/23. A grant was given to sponsor a presenter from Saskatchewan.

Rebuilding Catholic Culture operated from the St. Thomas More College is holding a one-day Summer Seminar in conjunction with Celebrating its 10th Anniversary Celebration. A grant was provided to help pay for instructors in Logic, Grammar and Lit. Study courses for homeschoolers and other interested Catholics. Registration fees are expected to cover about half of these costs.

Seminarian Support has been a collaborative effort between the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation and the Bishops of Saskatchewan. This has been an ongoing project for the past 5 years. To date, just over $1.3 million has been raised and only the earnings will be used each year. This year with the earnings from the Vocation’s Endowment and the various other Endowments we can Grant each of our Saskatchewan Seminarians a check for $5170 to help cover their total cost of over $30,000 per year.

Education Bursaries are presented to students of the Saskatchewan Catholic Universities, St Thomas Moore, Campion and St. Peter’s Colleges, 3 – $1,000 Bursaries are offered to qualifying students from each College. As well, Campion College Council #15955 offers a $1,000 Bursary to a graduate student, from Mother Theresa Middle School, who is enrolled at Campion College University. The Foundation also supports a qualifying student enrolled at St. Therese Institute at Bruno of Faith and Mission with a $1,000 Bursary. Four $1,000 Bursaries (1 per College), are given out to qualifying students enrolled at each of the 4 Poly-Technical Colleges in Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Regina.

In recognition of the support from James & Lawrence Meier, the “Food for Families” Grant has been established. Knights of Columbus Councils who partner with another organization/or operate their Food for Families program are eligible for some extra funding. The following Council Applications have been approved for 2022 from the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation in partnership with other Endowments.

Swift Current Council #3031– High School and Knights Garden Project

Unity Council #5707 with St. Peter’s Church and the schools

Fr. Kunka Council # 6594 – Wadina and Kelvington Food Banks

 Fr. Desmond Council #5965 Hudson Bay Food Voucher Program

Archbishop O’Neill Council #8896 Regina Holy Child Parish, Regina Food Bank and various others.

Meadow Lake Council #5259 partnering with Meadow Lake Outreach

Mary Mother of the Church Council #11888 Saskatoon – Food Pantry

Meadow Lake Council #5259 – Gateway Middle School Lunch Program

Humboldt Council #1886 with Humboldt Community Soup Kitchen Inc.

Mother of Perpetual Help Council #9538 Guadalupe House

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