District Deputy #27 Ron Denis (Saskatoon), Past State Deputy Chris Bencharski (Meadow Lake), President of Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation Harvey Grantier (Saskatoon), Father Maria Robert, Violet Lemaigre, Ron Lemaigre, Shirley Jenvier, State Deputy Joe Riffel (Saskatoon) and DD #14 Ron Koenig (Unity)

Sask Knights of Columbus and the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation visit La Loche & Beauval

On Saturday, August 29th, 2020, a group of Knights and wives representing the Sask Knights of Columbus and the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation visited the northern communities of La Loche & Beauval.  The purpose of the trip was to transport the food hampers, gift certificates, wheelchair, and youth coats to the parishes in these two communities.

Those in attendance included State Deputy Joe Riffel (Saskatoon); Past State Deputy Chris Bencharski (Meadow Lake) & his wife Pat: District Deputy (27) Ron Denis (Saskatoon); District Deputy (14) Ron Koenig (Unity) & his wife Lucy; Harvey Granatier President Sask K of C Charitable Foundation.

The group was welcomed in La Loche by Fr. Maria Robert as well as members of Our Lady of Visitation Parish Council Shirley Janvier, Violet Lemaigre & Ron Lemaigre.  

We left food products for hampers to be distributed to the elderly within the community as well as 50 gift cards each worth $150.00 which are to be donated to families in need and/or directly affected by the COVID 19 virus.

We also left one box (12 girls) and one box (12 boys) of winter coats for youth in the community.  SD Joe also donated a K of C wheelchair to be placed within their church.

Father Robert and the members of the Parish Council in attendance visually displayed their emotions when expressing their appreciation for the generosity and support shown to their parish and community.  

The group then travelled to Beauval where they were met by St. Mary Magdalene Parish Finance Director Mike Read.  Father Subhash Joseph was away for the day and we were, therefore, unable to meet with him.

We left another group of food products for hampers as well as 27 gift cards that were each redeemable for $150.00 worth of groceries.  The Parish agreed to distribute these to the families within the Beauval area that were directly affected by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Below is an example of the letter that we attached to each of the $150.00 gift cards that we left for distribution in the parishes of Beauval & La Loche. 

We also left another 12 boys and 12 girl’s winter coats from the Coats for Kids program.  SD Joe again donated a K of C wheelchair to the parish and they graciously accepted it with the assurance that it will remain in the church for future parishioner use.

A special Thank You to the Supreme Council and each of the Councils and their members who donated to raise the $14,300.00 that was shared with the Parishes and COVID 19 victims within Beauval & La Loche. 

Although the day was long with over 1000 kilometers of travel, it was extremely rewarding and humbling for all involved. This truly was an exemplification of the principle of Charity.

Thank you & God Bless

Harvey Granatier, President, Sask K of C Charitable Foundation 

Joe Riffel, State Deputy

Chris Bencharski, Past State Deputy


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