Sask K of C Wheelchair Project

The Sask K of C State Board & the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation have partnered with the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation in bringing a car load of wheelchairs into our province.
The wheelchairs will be very similar to those distributed overseas.  The attached photo shows Bishop Bryan Bayda sharing a chuckle with two gracious young recipients of a K of C wheelchair at the Children’s Orphanage in Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine.  The chairs we have ordered will also have the K of C emblem embroidered into the fabric as shown on the photo.
We have ordered two styles of wheelchairs.  The solid standard is the traditional chair designed for basic use inside of buildings.  The solid standard with mountain bike tires is a stronger chair with primary use outside of buildings.
The intent of this project is to provide Councils and/or individuals with the opportunity to purchase chair(s) and gifting them to individuals, nursing homes, churches, community halls, rinks, schools etc.  We should not focus strictly on our own community, but also consider any place where there may be individuals that may need a chair for the short or long term.
We have ordered 105 chairs of differing sizes.  We anticipate their delivery to Saskatoon in mid-December.  We invite you to pre-purchase utilizing the attached order form.  The chairs will be only be considered purchased when the payment and order form are received at the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation office in Moose Jaw.  Unfortunately promises will not be acceptable.
The number & sizes of chairs that have been ordered are:

  • 4 – 12” solid standard – recommend for youth to Grade 8
  • 4 – 14” solid standard – recommend adolescent up to 100 pounds
  • 12 – 16” solid standard – recommend adult up to 150 pounds
  • 15 – 18” solid standard – recommend adult up to 200 pounds
  • 20 – 20” solid standard – recommend adult over 200 pounds
  • 5 – 22” bariatric – recommend adult over 250 pounds
  • 20 – 18” solid mountain bike tires – recommend primary use outside for adult up to 200 pounds
  • 25 – 20” solid mountain bike tires – recommend primary use outside for adult over 200 pounds

The storage in Saskatoon is currently at no charge, however, this may only be available for a short term.  If anyone has an alternate location, please contact Shawn.

Please recognize that there are a limited number of each size, so once again, ordering early will provide a better assurance that you get the size you requested.  If the size you ordered is no longer available, you will be contacted by e-mail and/or phone to ask if you will accept an alternate size.  If an appropriate size is not available, you must decide whether we will either hold or return the funds until another order is made.  There will be no assurance of timeframe for next order.
We will be making this offer available to other State jurisdictions upon receipt of the chairs.  Therefore, ordering before December may be a prudent move.
The cost of a chair if picked up in Saskatoon is $225.00 Canadian.  This includes all of our costs for shipping to Saskatoon, embroidering etc.  If you wish to have the chair(s) shipped from Saskatoon to your community, it will be at your expense.   All shipping arrangements will be made in conjunction with Wheelchair Project Chair Shawn Scherr.

Further information is available from either:
Sask K of C Wheelchair Project           Sask K of C Charitable Foundation
Chair   Shawn Scherr                              Exec Dir. Gerry Gieni
306 222 9549                                          306 631 1610
[email protected]                          [email protected]

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