Sask K of C Vocations Endowment

The Saskatchewan Faith Community is facing many unique challenges as we deal with COVID 19 in our home, family and parish.  In these unprecedented times, we must continue to provide financial support for the needs of our church as well as consideration, generosity and support for the less fortunate.

The Sask K of C Vocation Endowment is a demonstration of the success that has been realized through a partnership of the Knights of Columbus and the Bishops, clergy and parishes throughout the province.  The Sask K of C Vocations Endowment has received over $900,000.00 in donations since its inception in 2019.  As we near the end of the current tax year, we ask that you consider a donation to the Sask K of C Vocation Endowment.  Each donation is eligible for a tax receipt in the year it is received.  The attached brochure offers an explanation on payment options as well as profiling the eight Seminarians currently pursuing their training in preparation for leadership within our Church. 

On an annual basis, the earnings from the K of C Vocations Endowment Fund are equally distributed among the Seminarians in our province.  In April 2020, each of the 10 Seminarians from within the province received a check for $1,580.00.  At the conclusion of this calendar year, mainly reflective of the donations that have increased the fund, we hope to have sufficient earnings to provide each of the eight Seminarians with a payment in excess of $3500.00.  These payments help each Diocese/Eparchy defray the increasing expenses for education and training of our Seminarians.  We must emphasize that these are grants made from the earnings of the fund.  We are not distributing any of the original donations/principal.   

As everyone is dealing with the financial hardships caused by the pandemic, our Bishops asked us to refrain from requesting donations directly from parishes this year.  In recognition of their request, our Vocation Endowment Committee has decided that  for this year we will not be printing any brochures or promotional materials.  We will be asking that each Council support Vocations by allocating funds to the K of C Vocation Endowment.  We will also ask each Council to share the attached electronic brochure with their membership in the hope that each Brother Knight will contribute and further build the fund.  We will also forward this communication to those prior donors who were gracious in support of our current and future Seminarians.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.  We are confident that a shared and committed approach to this initiative will ensure sustained financial support towards the education and development of future leaders within our Church.  

May you all enjoy a very Blessed and Safe Christmas

Sask K of C Vocations Endowment Committee

Thank you very much, Harvey. You are doing a wonderful job. We have to encourage our youth to be a priest for the Church.
Bishop Albert
Retired Bishop of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

As of March 31st, 2021 the total value of the K of C Vocation Endowment was $929,051.49

This was raised through the following:

  • Year 1 – $552,215.27
  • Year 2 – $317,255.97
  • Year 3 – $ 59,580.25

    Total $929,051.49

Sask K of C Vocations Endowment

Year 4 of our 4-year program started April 1, 2021

Vocations Endowment to January 6th, 2022.

We have 47 Councils participating.  The total received since April 1, 2021, is $ 45,781.42 which represents 18% of our target.
We have 3 Councils that have met their target of $25.00 per member in Year 4.

  • Prud’Homme Council 7497
  • Saskatoon Council 5104
  • Carlyle Council 10317

Year 4 Thermometer

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$250,000‘Thanks$45,781‘Thanks18%

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