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Sask K of C Vocations Endowment Brochures

Sask K of C Vocations Endowment Brochures – ORDER TODAY

There were several Councils throughout the province that were asking if we had prepared Sask K of C Vocation Endowment brochures for this year. Although there was not a province blitz planned for February, Councils may still wish to continue the annual request for support for seminarians within their Council and/or Parish.

To continue the positive momentum of fundraising in support of our clergy, we had brochures printed for distribution (on a request basis) throughout the province.  We will provide cards upon request as well.   A copy of the English brochure is linked here.  You can also view a copy on our website.   You may wish to print off copies. We also have a French copy of the brochure available on our website that Councils and/or members may wish to access and copy.  A copy of the French brochure is linked here.

Councils interested in brochures, contact

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