Sask K of C Charitable Foundation Contingency Project


  • To develop a framework that will facilitate the promotion and enhancement of “Charity giving” of Councils, Members and citizens at large.
  • To develop opportunities for Sask K of C Charitable Foundation, Councils and members to work together in providing financial assistance to worthy projects, programs or individuals.
  • To develop a mechanism and process to entertain project and program funding requests throughout the year.

Principles for Contingency Project Partnership Agreements

The Sask K of C Foundation will consider entering into a Contingency Project/Program Partnership with a Council, group of Councils with the objective of improving the quality of life and support Catholic values with our communities as follows:

  • The Council(s) will approve the project at the local level including participants, timeframes and marketing strategy. The approved project will be presented to the President of the Sask K of C Foundation for consideration.
  • Each project/program will have a budget including specific timelines.
  • Sask K of C Charitable Foundation Grants Committee will review the project proposal to determine approval. A key element of approval will be the degree of support of the members and the Council(s).
  • Once approved, all funds raised will be channeled through the Foundation account. Each donation of $20.00 or more will receive a tax receipt.
  • Funds may be contributed directly to the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation office or by credit card payment through the website. The website will outline each project and promote support from all viewers.
  • The Sask K of C Charitable Foundation will provide an additional Grant to the Project/Program recipient.


  • Project/Program recipients potentially receive more funds for their Charitable needs.
  • Councils receive expanded exposure for their project/programs.

Sask Knights of Columbus receive greater exposure and visibility while practicing their primary principle of Charity and the second principle of Unity.

Sask K of C Coats for Kids

Coats for Kids

Coats for Kids is an extremely valuable program that is supported by a number of Councils throughout the province.

All orders will be completed by the Council direct to the supplier in Ontario. The Foundation will not order any coats for Councils.

The Foundation will continue to accept donations which will be maintained in a Fund. If a Council has recognized a need for coats, they can contact the Foundation and we will work with the Council to order coats and have them delivered to the Council for distribution.

Details for purchasing coats are included within the State website or from Knights Gear Canada.

Coats For KidsOrder form is being completed by Supreme and will be sent out to each council shortlyclick here for program information.

Sask K of C Wheelchair Project


Wheelchair Fundraising – Canadian Wheelchair Foundation will be accepting all donations from Councils and/or individuals for the purchase of wheelchairs for international recipients. The Sask K of C Charitable Foundation will no longer be accepting/receiving donations for wheelchairs.

If there is demand for K of C wheelchairs to be distributed within the province, the State Wheelchair Director will provide a proposal to the Foundation including funding requirements.

The purchase of wheelchairs will no longer be completed by the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation. Each Council will be asked to order the coats directly from the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation:

Wheelchair Foundation Donation FormOrder directly through the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation click here for the donation form.

Ukrainian Displaced Person Fund

Ukraine Flag

The Saskatchewan Charitable Foundation has set up a start-up fund to bring hope to Ukrainian refugees through the Charitable Foundation “Knights of Columbus Ukrainian Displaced Person Support Fund”.

Saskatchewan Councils can apply to assist Ukrainian displaced persons living in their communities.

The application should outline the community support needed as well as the council’s involvement in the project.

The council needs to send expenditure receipts of $500.00 or more, received from Ukraine displaced persons, with the application. The receipts are necessary for our records and need to be submitted before the grant can be processed.

If the application from the council is approved, a grant of $500.00 will be made available to assist the Ukrainian refugee family in their community.

All councils in Saskatchewan are also invited to donate, to the Saskatchewan Charitable Foundation K of C “Ukrainian Displaced Person Fund”, to help grow the Fund.

The program will run till December 31st, 2022 at which time the committee will review the program to assess whether there will be an extension to receive further donations from councils or to accept further applications from councils for funding Ukrainian displaced persons.

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