“In Memoriam” Program

The “In Memoriam program” has been initiated together with Funeral Chapels throughout the province. We encourage our Councils, brother Knights, together with their families to consider including the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation as one of their “Charities of Choice” in their end-of-life planning and when speaking with their funeral chapel director. We ask each Knight to consider this personally and pass this information on to your families and friends so that they can specify this request in the Obituary notices and on the Memorial Cards.

 Councils: A resolution was passed at the2017 Saskatchewan State Council’s Annual meeting to encourage all Councils to donate $100 to the Charitable Foundation in memory of a Brother Knight. With this donation, the family of that deceased member receives a Memorial Certificate on their behalf. This is a great way, on behalf of your Council to extend your sympathies and a great memory for the family.

Families and Friends: This program has proven to be a very effective method for you, to express sympathies to those who are grieving the recent death of a loved one. A “Certificate of Remembrance” is sent to whoever the donor indicates when donating. And once you have donated $50 or more their name is entered on our website asking for prayers. Their name (with a picture of them, if available) is also shown and mentioned at the next K of C Charitable Foundation Memorial Mass Celebration. Remember that any Memorial donation can be allocated to either the General Fund or any Endowment of your choice.

 Each funeral chapel in Saskatchewan should have a supply of Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation “In Memoriam” envelopes to be used at funerals. If they don’t, have a sheet prepared for someone to record the donations (with their names and addresses for donations $20 or more). The list with the donations can be given either to the funeral director or your local KC Council member to be forwarded to the Foundation office at:

 K of C Charitable Foundation, Box 61 Moose Jaw SK. S6H 4N7 for the Receipts to be issued.  All donations $20 and over are 100% tax-deductible.


First NameLast NameCity/TownMonth Added to Memorial List
Adolph (Al)RosslerMoose JawNovember, 2023
LeoWiegers Jr.North BattlefordNovember, 2023
Souls in PurgatoryNovember, 2023
WillieSarauerHumboldtNovember, 2023
William (Willie)HartmanTisdaleNovember, 2023
Rev. PatMurphyReginaNovember, 2023
TedLaurelesReginaNovember, 2023
TonyFraessSwift CurrentNovember, 2023
WilliamHyswickSwift CurrentNovember, 2023
Adolph (Al)RosslerMoose JawNovember, 2023
AlexNahachewskySaskatoonOctober, 2023
AlwynRafaelHumboldtOctober, 2023
GerryParadisCoronachOctober, 2023
NettieFolkReginaOctober, 2023
JohnWagnerUnityOctober, 2023
GregoryPereiraHumboldtOctober, 2023
JoeZabaReginaSeptember, 2023
LeonGagneSpiritwoodSeptember, 2023
LeoWiegersNorth BattlefordSeptember, 2023
AlvinKuechleSaskatoonSeptember, 2023
JohnBrunetteReginaSeptember, 2023
JamesWacholtzEnglefeldSeptember, 2023
Mary & BernieKellyShellbrookSeptember, 2023
RobertoGuerreroWeyburnSeptember, 2023
LeoWiegersGlaslynSeptember, 2023
EvelynKrupkaDenzilAugust, 2023
SheilaHryniukPrud’hommeAugust, 2023
BennitFernandezHumboldtAugust, 2023
WilliamCockburnNorth BattlefordAugust, 2023
DonKentReginaJuly, 2023
AimeePerasReginaJuly, 2023
LeonardBzdelSaskatoonJuly, 2023
LionelDufaultNaicamJuly, 2023
BennetFernandezHumboldtJuly, 2023
ClaudGeigerReginaJuly, 2023
RonShawReginaJune, 2023
Gabriel  PereiraHumboldtJune, 2023
JamesWilchynskiReginaJune, 2023
IvanDaleHumboldtJune, 2023
HugoKorteHumboldtJune, 2023
TerryDierkerMistatimJune, 2023
JosephFruhstukSaskatoonMay, 2023
GraydonOlsenUnityMay, 2023
GaryKoppUnityMay, 2023
InesFabrisCut Knife May, 2023
Gordon LuxHumboldtMay, 2023
VelmaLeierHumboldtMay, 2023
Bea McGrathLeRoyMay, 2023
EdwardHewkoPrince AlbertApril, 2023
KeithAppelMoose JawApril, 2023
ElmerFlamanMoosominApril, 2023
LarryDembiczakWeyburnApril, 2023
RogerSmithPrince AlbertApril, 2023
OmerDegagneSaskatoonApril, 2023
Fr. LouisKubashReginaApril, 2023
Joshua Mark ColeCrooksLaflecheApril, 2023
StanWormsbeckerSaskatoonApril, 2023
LeoRothSaskatoonApril, 2023
AndyWilsonSaskatoonApril, 2023
ValKammermayerSaskatoonApril, 2023
AlbertBarkmanSaskatoonApril, 2023
EvelynBarkmanSaskatoonApril, 2023
LillianTremlReginaApril, 2023
EileenBellMoose JawApril, 2023
ArchieBellMoose JawApril, 2023
GaetanneBeaudoinEdamMarch, 2023
EugeneStychyshynWhite CityMarch, 2023
Emerson R.ZuckReginaMarch, 2023
WayneVandenbruleUnityMarch, 2023
PearlMeierTramping LakeMarch, 2023
RaeVellerMacklinMarch, 2023
BrettBennettPilot ButteMarch, 2023
Rae MarieVellerMacklinMarch, 2023
Bob CouncheneReginaMarch, 2023
RonSackBattlefordMarch, 2023
OttoBunzHumboldtMarch, 2023
EmileDeibertHumboldtMarch, 2023
HaroldHergottHumboldtMarch, 2023
AlbertHoppeHumboldtMarch, 2023
BennoKorteHumboldtMarch, 2023
NorbertMaierHumboldtMarch, 2023
AnthonyNienaberHumboldtMarch, 2023
WilliamSimmerHumboldtMarch, 2023
ErnestStroederHumboldtMarch, 2023
AlvinStumborgHumboldtMarch, 2023
FredSperleUnityMarch, 2023
Richard (Rick)FolkReginaMarch, 2023
CharlesPicheDenzilMarch, 2023
JohnMillerParadise HillMarch, 2023
DaveHannahSwift CurrentMarch, 2023
KeithRogersSaskatoonMarch, 2023
AndyTarrReginaMarch, 2023
AndrewWilsonSaskatoonMarch, 2023
Ruth IreneBrodaKamsackMarch, 2023
HaroldHaidSaskatoonMarch, 2023
JohnLewchukSaskatoonMarch, 2023
PaulGueguenHumboldtMarch, 2023
CatherineDobmeierHumboldtMarch, 2023
RoyKlockReginaFebruary, 2023
BalzerSperleUnityFebruary, 2023
KennethMockKerrobertFebruary, 2023
ChristinaMattReginaFebruary, 2023
DavidPanagabkoReginaFebruary, 2023
JosephineStopanskiReginaFebruary, 2023
EdLipinskiFosstonFebruary, 2023
RonJohnsonSaskatoonFebruary, 2023
RonBuzinskiSaskatoonFebruary, 2023
EdSchenherMoose JawFebruary, 2023
ReginaldSittlerUnityFebruary, 2023
DarleneRiessUnityFebruary, 2023
MelisaBakosSaskatoonFebruary, 2023
George J.RolheiserMacklinFebruary, 2023
DominicMancusoMoose JawFebruary, 2023
EdBengertMoose JawFebruary, 2023
EdwardLipinskiFosstonFebruary, 2023
BerthaFarkasMacklinJanuary, 2023
BradleyBreit Sr.ReginaJanuary, 2023
NickKeyowskiWishartDecember, 2022
CarlFolkReginaDecember, 2022
TrentThompsonMedicine Hat, ABDecember, 2022
PeterWelterNokomisDecember, 2022
Albert & EvelynBarkmanLembergDecember, 2022
Archie and EileenBellMoose JawDecember, 2022
LillianTremlSaskatoonDecember, 2022
Bob SchneiderSaskatoonDecember, 2022
John GeorgeDeversBalgonieDecember, 2022
John GarfieldDeversSurrey, BCDecember, 2022
FrankStulbergReginaDecember, 2022
Bob LongReginaDecember, 2022
DanielaSchaefferReginaDecember, 2022
IvanPaskaReginaDecember, 2022
Anton (Tony)WandzuraSaskatoonDecember, 2022
GerryJeanSaskatoonDecember, 2022
VirginiaRiffelB-Say-TahDecember, 2022
Alexander  TumbachSwift CurrentDecember, 2022
RichardFavreauZenon ParkDecember, 2022
RonWassillZenon ParkDecember, 2022
Joseph LipothReginaDecember, 2022
The Saskatchewan K of C Charitable Foundation would like you to say a special prayer for the following Brother Knights, family & friends that have passed away:

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