“In Memoriam” Program

The “In Memoriam program” has been initiated together with Funeral Chapels throughout the province. We encourage our Councils, brother Knights, together with their families to consider including the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation as one of their “Charities of Choice” in their end-of-life planning and when speaking with their funeral chapel director. We ask each Knight to consider this personally and pass this information on to your families and friends so that they can specify this request in the Obituary notices and on the Memorial Cards.

 Councils: A resolution was passed at the2017 Saskatchewan State Council’s Annual meeting to encourage all Councils to donate $100 to the Charitable Foundation in memory of a Brother Knight. With this donation, the family of that deceased member receives a Memorial Certificate on their behalf. This is a great way, on behalf of your Council to extend your sympathies and a great memory for the family.

Families and Friends: This program has proven to be a very effective method for you, to express sympathies to those who are grieving the recent death of a loved one. A “Certificate of Remembrance” is sent to whoever the donor indicates when donating. And once you have donated $50 or more their name is entered on our website asking for prayers. Their name (with a picture of them, if available) is also shown and mentioned at the next K of C Charitable Foundation Memorial Mass Celebration. Remember that any Memorial donation can be allocated to either the General Fund or any Endowment of your choice.

 Each funeral chapel in Saskatchewan should have a supply of Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation “In Memoriam” envelopes to be used at funerals. If they don’t, have a sheet prepared for someone to record the donations (with their names and addresses for donations $20 or more). The list with the donations can be given either to the funeral director or your local KC Council member to be forwarded to the Foundation office at:

 K of C Charitable Foundation, Box 61 Moose Jaw SK. S6H 4N7 for the Receipts to be issued.  All donations $20 and over are 100% tax-deductible.


NameCity/TownMonth Added to Memorial List
Eva BeaulieuShellbrookJanuary, 2022
Jerome WeilandShell LakeJanuary, 2022
Donald CeyUnityJanuary, 2022
Bill & Joe  KammermayerSaskatoonDecember, 2021
Doreen SiebenDenzilDecember, 2021
Felix FeserDenzilDecember, 2021
Marie LipinskiFosstonDecember, 2021
Albert & Evelyn BarkmanSaskatoonDecember, 2021
Lloyd BeckmanBattlefordDecember, 2021
Don JacksonReginaDecember, 2021
Ron KosloskiReginaDecember, 2021
Felix FeserMacklinDecember, 2021
Rene CarignanCalgary, ABDecember, 2021
Merle CuthillUnityDecember, 2021
Don CeyUnityDecember, 2021
Richard WalterMilestoneDecember, 2021
Jim CarnagoEnglefeldDecember, 2021
Mike LalachWynyardDecember, 2021
Joe BeckmanNorth BattlefordNovember, 2021
Elizabeth Agnes ObrigewitchLucelandNovember, 2021
Blair VaillancourtSaskatoonNovember, 2021
Arnold StruebyManitou BeachNovember, 2021
Jerry & Theresa SanderSaskatoonNovember, 2021
Lloyd BeckmanNorth BattlefordOctober, 2021
Michael Peter SchreinerBalgonieOctober, 2021
Edward CeslakKelvingtonOctober, 2021
Charles LevesqueSaskatoonOctober, 2021
Bob  TippleReginaOctober, 2021
Tom PaslowskiYorktonOctober, 2021
Andy MuzykaNorth BattlefordOctober, 2021
Sister Maria PhongVietnamSeptember, 2021
George SchmidSaskatoonSeptember, 2021
Ghislaine LefebvrePiercelandSeptember, 2021
Robert TaylorSaskatoonSeptember, 2021
Steve LucyshynSaskatoonSeptember, 2021
Raymond JoubertReginaSeptember, 2021
Joyce NosbushLake LenoreAugust, 2021
Claude PrefontaineLisieuxAugust, 2021
Mildred OborowskiDenzilAugust, 2021
Frank MazurekShellbrookAugust, 2021
Corinne DobmeierSaskatoonAugust, 2021
Koni LalachWynyardJuly, 2021
Sally Rose MuenchHumboldtJuly, 2021
Stefania & Ostap NahachewskySaskatoonJuly, 2021
Eugene & Kathryn SabadaSaskatoonJuly, 2021
Patricia BodnarSaskatoonJuly, 2021
Warren PoncsakReginaJuly, 2021
Jose BairosSaskatoonJuly, 2021
Marc Jean Marie CrozonNaicamJune, 2021
Lucien LevasseurSwift CurrentJune, 2021
Bill HengenWindthorstJune, 2021
Bonnis PetrieLucelandJune, 2021
Tom ZolinskiSaskatoonJune, 2021
Stella NahachewskySaskatoonJune, 2021
Gary FrohlickReginaJune, 2021
Patrick CreeganNorth BattlefordMay, 2021
Howard WeitzelNorth BattlefordMay, 2021
Marc BellavanceNorth BattlefordMay, 2021
Joseph WinterhaltUnityMay, 2021
John J. SengerUnityMay, 2021
Deacon Ghislain BellavanceNorth BattlefordMay, 2021
Irene SchlosserSaskatoonApril, 2021
Rod RisslingNorth BattlefordApril, 2021
Lucien PoulinZenon ParkApril, 2021
Al LowePlunketApril, 2021
Adam EberleEmerald ParkApril, 2021
Peter SpeharSaskatoonApril, 2021
Ruby CabotNfldApril, 2021
Peter AckermanDenzilApril, 2021
Theresa Rose MillerReginaApril, 2021
Steve  PonakReginaApril, 2021
Mary NickolatReginaApril, 2021
Brian OsikaReginaApril, 2021
Jason DukeEmerald ParkApril, 2021
Mary GreschnerGoodsoilMarch, 2021
Leonard HoferGoodsoilMarch, 2021
Allan CaithcartTisdaleMarch, 2021
Mary GusikoskiViscountMarch, 2021
Alister WelchSaskatoonMarch, 2021
Dan ScherrSaskatoonMarch, 2021
Ron BuddDorintoshMarch, 2021
George CancadeAssiniboiaMarch, 2021
Anthony CancadeKennedyMarch, 2021
John FahlmanWindthorstMarch, 2021
Merwyn KapellWindthorstMarch, 2021
Victor CoteSwift CurrentMarch, 2021
Arnold SchroederSwift CurrentMarch, 2021
Orvel SalbergSwift CurrentMarch, 2021
Mary LucyshunCalgaryMarch, 2021
Ronald EckerSaskatoonMarch, 2021
Mark BellavanceBattlefordMarch, 2021
William SmithReginaMarch, 2021
Erna Emma HermanStoney Plain, ABMarch, 2021
Marc BellavanceBattlefordMarch, 2021
Rudolph HummelSaskatoonFebruary, 2021
Albert VargaSaskatoonFebruary, 2021
Peter SengaLaniganFebruary, 2021
Milton KerpanWatsonFebruary, 2021
Ursula KlassenHumboldtFebruary, 2021
Lillian Bunz     HumboldtFebruary, 2021
John LangeSaskatoonFebruary, 2021
Fr. Paul Paproski, OSBMuensterFebruary, 2021
Sophie KishLerossFebruary, 2021
Bill & Yvette SchatzOdessaFebruary, 2021
Julia GranatierSaskatoonFebruary, 2021
Mary LucyshuynSaskatoonFebruary, 2021
Jake VolkReginaFebruary, 2021
Msgr. Ken MillerReginaFebruary, 2021
Murray CampbellReginaFebruary, 2021
Martin WrubleskiReginaFebruary, 2021
Tom DeutscherSaskatoonFebruary, 2021
Denise Roth-HounjetSaskatoonFebruary, 2021
Pat StoffelReginaFebruary, 2021
Michael NicholasFredericton, NBFebruary, 2021
Bill & Sofia AndreasLancer / Med. HatFebruary, 2021
Rose & Jason PicheSaskatoonFebruary, 2021
Tony RedlerReginaFebruary, 2021
Bill ChorneyWadenaFebruary, 2021
Bill SmithReginaFebruary, 2021
Pat BarnesReginaFebruary, 2021
Tawsha-Dawn Klein-SparksEdmontonFebruary, 2021
Andy BeretiReginaFebruary, 2021
Gilles FavereauZennon ParkFebruary, 2021
Lorne KoshelukEndeavourFebruary, 2021
The Saskatchewan K of C Charitable Foundation would like you to say a special prayer for the following Brother Knights, family & friends that have passed away:

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