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Memorial Donations

The following names have been added to our Memorial page this month:

These departed individuals are recognized due to a Memorial donation of $50.00 or more in the past month.

There was a resolution passed at the 2017 Annual Meeting that each council and assembly make a $100.00 donation/Deceased Member.

To contribute, we ask you to indicate Memorial Donation on a sheet attached to your cheque payable to the Sask K of Charitable Foundation.  Place the name of the deceased (and his Council, if appropriate) on this attached note together with the name and address of the family member to whom you wish us to mail the recognition certificate. If you wish to have the donation credited to an Endowment, other than the Capital Fund, indicate the name of the Endowment on the Message page as well.

Rudolph HummelSaskatoon
Albert VargaSaskatoon
Peter SengaLanigan
Milton KerpanWatson
Ursala KlassenHumboldt
Ursula Bunz                 Humboldt
John LangeSaskatoon
Fr. Paul Paproski, OSBMuenster
Corinne BrownUnity
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