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The Board of Directors of the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation established an Endowment Fund strategy as a means to enable major donors to influence and direct the allocation of income from their specific donations on an annual basis.

The specifics of this strategy are detailed below:


  • To establish a Legacy Fund that will recognize the generosity of individuals & Councils.
  • To provide a methodology for donors to participate in determining the recipient(s) of their portion of fund earnings on an annual basis.

Specific Components

  • The Endowment can be established as either a Council, organization, individual or family endowment. (i.e. Family X Endowment Fund; Council Y Endowment Fund.)
  • The minimum total contributions to qualify for an endowment will be $10,000.00 for individuals or families and $50,000.00 for a Council or organization.
  • The Endowment Funds will be maintained within the Capital Fund of the Foundation.
  • Additional tax-deductible contributions can be made to the Endowment Fund at any time in the future.


  • The Applicant will allocate a minimum of $10,000.00 from current and prior contributions to an Endowment Fund registered in their name.
  • Each year the Grants Committee would develop a list of approved potential recipients together with a short description outlining where the funds will be allocated. Each Endowment Fund will also be invited to submit potential applicants to the Grants Committee.
  • This list will be compiled and forwarded to each Endowment Fund contact person by March 1st of each year.
  • The contact person will have the next two weeks of March to reply to the Grants Committee Chair on which specific recipient(s) they want to support and the percentage of funds that they wish to allocate to each chosen recipient.
  • The Grants Committee will meet later in March to allocate the revenues from the Capital Fund as well as any Endowment Funds that will not have a response from the contact person.
  • Each Endowment Fund would be identified in our letters to recipients, within our Annual Report each year, on our website, as well as any appropriate future marketing brochures that we develop.


  1. Donors would have the opportunity to determine where the annual earnings from their funds would be allocated
  2. Our major stakeholders would have a greater awareness and understanding of the Grants offered by the Foundation
  3. Councils, individuals or a family would utilize the Endowment as a legacy.
    Additional information can be provided by contacting a member of the Board of Directors and/or our Foundation office.

The following General and Endowment Funds are approved:

General Fund

Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation - The Power of Generosity

Annual earnings from the General Fund provide Grants to qualifying Charities and Catholic organizations throughout the province.  Applications are available on the website and accepted by the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation in January each year.

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Sask K of C Vocations Endowment

The Sask K of C Vocations Endowment is established as a means of supporting a holistic sustainable approach to meeting the increasing need for leaders within our Church.  The initial funding and growth of the Endowment will be achieved through a long-term partnership between the Saskatchewan RC Dioceses and Eparchy, Sask Knights of Columbus and the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation.

An equal annual contribution will be made to each Seminarian from the Archdioceses, Dioceses and Eparchy within Saskatchewan.  The amount of the contribution will be determined by the earnings realized from the Endowment over the prior fiscal year.

The Sask K of C Charitable Foundation has committed to ensure that each Seminarian will receive a minimum of $1,000.00 each year.

It is understood that the initial mandate of the Sask K of C Vocations Endowment is to support Seminarian education and development.  There is also an expectation that the Endowment will grow and eventually have adequate earnings to expand the support to include the Permanent Deaconate and other religious.

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Priest Hands
Priest Hands

Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Relations Endowment

President Harvey Granatier presents appreciation gift to Father Tonny Dizy.
We recently approved the Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Relations Endowment created by donations from Fr. Anthony Dizy & Fr. Gary Kuntz. In response to the Call to Action from the Truth & Reconciliation Commission Report, the Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Relations Endowment was formed to support projects and programs designed to facilitate the communications, understanding, and reconciliation between the Indigenous & Non-Indigenous communities.

Fr. O’Leary Columbian Society Endowment Fund

A partnership between the Fr. O’Leary Columbian Society and the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation has created a framework to generate much-needed funding and support for the less fortunate within our Christian communities.

When you make your donation, if you wish you may identify the Fr. O’Leary Columbian Society Endowment Fund on your check or payment envelope or when using our online secure credit-card service.

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Campion Knights Endowment

Campion Logo
The Campion Knights Endowment Fund was established as a means of providing an annual Bursary to a student enrolled in the University of Regina Campion College Campus.

The Bursary will be presented annually with preference given to alumni of the Mother Teresa Middle School.  The intent is to offer the Bursary to a recipient based on financial need.

The initial financial contributions to establish the Campion Knights Endowment Fund were made by U of R Campion College, Campion College Council 15955 and the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation.

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Marvin & Patricia DeSchryver Family Endowment Fund

Marvin and Pat have been actively involved with the Sask. Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation since 1998. They believe in this Foundation as an excellent source for funnelling their charitable donations. They wish to continue using this as a legacy for themselves and their family.

Forming this Endowment allows them to remain informed about where the funds accumulated go and as well allows them to input where their share of the profits are allocated.

They have a special interest in seminary funding as they have two grandsons entering their 4th and 5th years as seminarians.

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Marvin and Pat 2022
Marvin and Pat 2022

Joseph M Glasser Family Endowment

Gifts of Appreciation were presented to the Endowment Fund representatives at the Foundation Gala in Humboldt.  In the photo from the left are Marvin DeSchryver, Patricia DeSchryver, Robert Tiede, Eileen Ottenbriet (Glasser), and Pat Glasser, Foundation Pres. Harvey Granatier. Photo by Bob Barkman.
Joseph joined the Knights of Columbus in Lampman Council on July 1949.  Joseph was an active member of Lampman Council and at the time of his retirement, transferred to Regina Council 10401.  Joseph truly understood and exemplified the lesson of Charity, generously supporting the Church and the Knights of Columbus throughout his life.  Unfortunately, Joseph passed away in June 2013.

Within his will, Joseph included the K of C Charitable Foundation as a beneficiary of the oil royalty revenue on two-quarters of farmland in partnership with his children.  This will mean an ongoing revenue stream to his Family Endowment for many years into the future.
This Joseph M Glasser Family Endowment will provide a legacy of Joseph’s generosity and commitment in support the Catholic faith and those less fortunate than himself.

President Harvey Granatier presents a token of appreciation to family members of the late Joseph Glasser.  From the left, Harvey Granatier, Eileen Ottenbriet (Glasser), and Pat Glasser.

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George J Lewans Memorial Endowment

George Joseph Lewans was born on the family farm north of Shaunavon, Saskatchewan on March 25th, 1932. He was the second eldest in a family of twelve.
George attended high school at St. Thomas College and later established a career as a logging contractor near Prince George, B.C.
In addition to working within the logging industry, George became an avid gold miner in northern British Columbia and the Yukon. Later in life, his mining experience provided him with the opportunity to spend time in Ecuador as a gold mining consultant.
George remained single throughout his life, and in 2006 moved back to Shaunavon for his retirement.
At the age of 76, George joined the Knights of Columbus as a member of Shaunavon Council # 2725. He was an active member of the Knights and was very proud of his record of never having missed a meeting.
George was a humble individual who was always supportive of charities that assisted the poor and supported his Catholic values and faith. He passed away on November 1st, 2012 at the age of 80.
George Lewans
George Lewans

Alex & Marianne Schamber Endowment

Alex Schamber began employment with Sask Agriculture in 1956 and although retired, he still attends and participates in annual water management conferences.  Marianne was educated as a teacher and in her early years taught in rural schools in the Bruno area and Viscount.  While raising her family in Regina, Marianne continued her education, convocating from the University of Regina with two degrees in 1989.

Alex and Marianne Schamber were always active members of their Parish, Knights of Columbus and the CWL.  Alex joined Holy Rosary Cathedral Council 4704 in Regina in 1964.  He was a Charter Member of Christ the King Council 9278 in Regina and in 1985 he became a 4th Degree member of Fr. Hugonard Assembly 1064. In 1999, they moved to Goodsoil where Alex transferred to Fr. Schultz Council 5479.  He continued to be active including a term as Grand Knight.

Marianne was a member of the church choir and the Catholic Women’s League.  She was also very active in local Parish activities including a position as St. Boniface Parish secretary. While still living in Regina, Alex and Marianne managed the “Knights Shopper” store at State conventions.

Alex and Marianne married in 1959, and have three sons, a daughter and nine grandchildren.  Unfortunately in 2017, at 80 years, and after 58 years of marriage, Marianne accepted her heavenly reward.

This Endowment has been established by the Alex Schamber family as a legacy to Marianne, a loving spouse, mother and grandmother. Throughout their married lives, Alex and Marianne were committed to “pro-life”.  The proceeds from their perpetual Endowment will provide support and a voice for the Unborn.

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Marty & Clare Schneider Endowment Fund

Marty joined Willkie Council 3575 in 1960, transferring to Unity 5707, then to Msgr. Janssen 4959 in Regina, on to Charter GK of 8896 and presently at 9539 in Saskatoon. During 1988-1990 he served as State Deputy and from 1993-1997 was Vice Supreme Master of the Simon Fraser Province 4th Degree. The ceremonials of the Order provided some of his greatest satisfaction, conferring the Third Degree over 70 times over more than 20 years. This culminated in 2002 with an invitation from the Supreme Council to serve as a Ceremonials Coordinator for the Order. For over 10 years, he travelled extensively throughout the USA and Canada, mentoring Degree Teams. He still delivers the Fraternal Charge in the Third Degree.

His love and concern for the Foundation led him and Clare to set up an Endowment Fund with a particular interest in end-of-life issues, and palliative and hospice care.

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President Harvey Granatier presents appreciation gift to Marty & Clare Schneider

John & Beatrice Sidloski Endowment Fund

President Harvey Granatier presents appreciation gift to John & Beatrice Sidloski
John and Beatrice Sidloski have been active members of the Weyburn community for many years.  John joined the Weyburn Knights of Columbus Council # 1731  in 1951 and has been an active member for the past 65 years.  He is currently a 4th Degree member with Bishop Klein Assembly # 1526.

John and Beatrice are the proud parents of 14 children.  Faith and living Christian values were very important within the Sidloski family and this was demonstrated throughout John’s participation in the Knights of Columbus.  One of his most proud moments as a member of the Knights of Columbus was when four of his sons joined the 4th Degree at the same time.

Throughout their lives, John & Beatrice were committed to the Pro-Life Movement.   John was Editor of the provincial Choose Life News for 25 years and remains on the editorial board.  He has provided and maintains 90 Pro-Life billboards in Saskatchewan and 100 more in the rest of Canada.  John is currently president of Weyburn & District Pro-Life and has been a major fundraiser for the organization.  To recognize their exemplary contribution over the years, John & Beatrice were recent recipients of the Pro-Life Dombrowski Award.

Beatrice enjoys music and occasionally provides music for the Weyburn nursing homes and their church services.

John & Beatrice are extremely pleased and proud of the active participation of their children in the support and promotion of the Christian faith within their respective communities.  They hope that the John & Beatrice Sidloski Family Endowment will assist in furthering Christian learning and communications for young people and their families.

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Adrienne & Mervyn Welter Education Endowment Fund

Adrienne and Mervyn Welter have been avid supporters of the Saskatchewan Charitable Foundation and the Education Endowment Fund since its inception. They are graduates of the University of Saskatchewan – Adrienne with a Master of Education and Mervyn with a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration. They have served in Saskatchewan schools each for thirty years in various administrative capacities. Adrienne has been a trustee of the Light of Christ Catholic School Board since 2003. She is presently the Vice-Chair of her Board and serves as a Board Director on the Saskatchewan Catholic School Boards Association.

Adrienne and Mervyn understand the necessity of protecting and supporting Catholic education and encourage others to do so as well. Earnings from this Fund provide bursaries to Catholic Colleges in Saskatchewan and offer funding assistance for special projects that support Catholic Education throughout the province.

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Gala Presentation

Hnat & Sophia Pisiak Endowment Fund

Hnat & Sophia Pisiak, from Yorkton, were very active within their community and particularly in St. Mary’s Parish Church.

Hnat (Ned) spent the majority of his working career employed by the local Co-Op.  Sophia enjoyed spending her time working within her home and her yard.

In September 1963, Hnat joined the Knights of Columbus and became a member of the Father Delaere Council # 5182.  In 1967 he joined the Brother Stanislaus 4th Degree Council # 1286 in Yorkton.   Sophia has been an active Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League member for 70 years.

Hnat passed away in September 2010 and Sophia is happily retired in the Gladstone Seniors Residence in Yorkton.  She is hoping to utilize the proceeds from the Hnat & Sophia Pisiak Endowment to fund initiatives that will support the Ukrainian Catholic faith.

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Brother Isidore Endowment Fund

Brother Isidore Wasylenchuk
Brother Isidore Wasylenchuk

Brother Isidore has spent most of his career at St. Joseph’s in Yorkton. Except for 5 years which included his studies in Canada and Poland and work on St. Vincent he has been part of College life. Actually, since his student days which began in 1945 he has either been a teacher or principal and for the last 16 years Dean of the University Division which he helped to set up at the College.

Proceeds from the Brother Isidore Endowment Fund will support the education and development of individuals in pursuit of a religious vocation.  Preference will be given to individuals within the Yorkton trading area.

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