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Charitable Foundation presentation – Ukraine

On behalf of the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charity Foundation, Esterhazy Knight Don Bernath, presents Oksana Cherkai and Iryna Horbunova with $500 each to assist in their relocation to Canada. After leaving Kyiv in February when the city was under rocket attack they made their way to Moldova. They had a difficult time believing that Russia had actually invaded Ukraine.

From Moldova, they applied to come to Canada. Once accepted, they made their way to Warsaw and flew to Canada, arriving on June 12. Iryna has a sister in Stockholm so they stayed with her. St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic church in Stockholm helped provide for their needs thru generous donations from the community.

Oksana and Iryna are very grateful for the reception they received in Canada but are very concerned for their relatives and friends left in Ukraine. They miss their homeland very much and want to return home when possible.

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