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Campaign Ad for Vocations

Please use the ad (link below) in your council and parish newsletters and bulletins to promote our campaign for vocations to the priesthood.

Foundation Vocations Ad Feb 2023

Click here to download the file.

Harvey Granatier, President and CEO
Sask K of C Charitable Foundation

Sask K of C State Board
Sask K of C Charitable Foundation Board
District Deputies
Grand Knights and Past Grand Knights
Financial Secretaries and Former Financial Secretaries
Past State Deputies
Sask Diocesan/Eparchy Office

               Worthy Knight of Columbus Leaders
We want to express our appreciation and congratulations to those Councils that have already had their campaign within their Parish.  We are receiving an increased number of donations as a result of your efforts.   

We ask any Council that has not received brochures and cards to please contact your District Deputy and/or a member of our Vocation Endowment Committee listed below.  We will send or deliver them to you as soon as possible. 

We have developed a document that can be used as an advertising reminder by your Council, Parish or Chapter.  A copy is shown above.  This is designed to remind your members and parishioners about the campaign simply.  It may be best sent out after the campaign within your Parish. 

We have expanded the Q & A document with additional questions that we have received from individuals.  We know that some of you are new to the GK or FS position so please review the information provided.  Also, if you have a question, please send it to us at

I’ve also included a spreadsheet that shows the donations and the donation targets for every Council and District.  You will note that 12 Councils have already met the $25.00/member target from April 1 to March 31 this year.  Since April 1, 2022, a total of 75 Councils have had a donation from their Council, members &/or parishioners.  This represents 56% of the total Councils within the province.   We would love to see this reach at least 80%.

All donations from Councils, members and parishioners within your area/parish are included in your total donation dollars.  Consistent updates can be viewed at

We wish to express a sincere thank you for your anticipated assistance and support of Vocations from our Sask K of C Vocations Endowment Steering Committee Members:

Harvey Granatier             306 540 3314      SD Larry Packet    306 567 3180
Brian Schatz                    306 737 0233       Fr. Travis Myrheim 
Shawn Scherr                  306 222 9549       Fr. Warren Dungen
Chris Bencharski              306 240 8872       Fr. Colin Roy
Marvin DeSchryver           306 753 7347       Fr. Parker Love
Dave Spelay                     306 782 5320



There have been some general inquiries from Councils that may also apply to more of the Councils within the province. 

  1. We have had questions from individuals trying to make a payment by Credit Card. Can you provide some assistance &/or instructions?
    We have recently gone through our website and made some changes that will hopefully assist in making payments.  Credit Card payments are made through our website at
    Here is a listing of steps that you will take to make your donation:

  • Hit Donate on the top of page 1 of the website
  • Proceed to K of C Vocations Endowment and hit Donate
  • The amount is initially shown as $100.00. Move your cursor over the $100.00 and you will find up and down arrows which you can use to establish the exact amount you wish to donate.   Establish your amount and hit Donate
  • If the amount in your cart is right, proceed to checkout.
    if the amount is incorrect, place your cursor over the price and make your required change and then hit Update Cart.
    Proceed to checkout
  • Under Additional Information, type in the Parish Name or Council Name/Number so your donation can be recorded.
  • Fill in your credit card information and hit Place Order


  1. Where do I find the target amounts for each Council that you refer to in your communications to the Councils?
    On the front page of the website, you will find the Council Vocations Report and the District Vocations Report. These are updated weekly with the total donations received from your Council, members and parishioners.
    When the program was initiated five years ago, we established a target of $25.00 per member per year for every Council.  Each year, the totals are from April 1st to March 31st.    
    The membership numbers for each Council are taken from the most recent report received by State Board from Supreme.

  2. What is a donor asked to provide as information when completing an e-transfer?
    All e-transfers should include the email address of the donor to ensure that the receipt can be sent electronically to the donor.
    Also, the Parish Name and/or Council Name/Number would be appreciated.

  3. What is the timeframe for the campaign with the Parishes throughout the province?
     It is our preference, and the preference of the Bishops, that the campaign happens during February or early March.  We will consider the campaign over at the end of March 2023. 

  4. Is there a separate Board of Directors for the K of C Vocations Endowment?
    No, the K of C Vocation Endowment has a Committee that has assisted in the campaign over the past five years, however, the Vocation Endowment will remain under the Board of Directors of the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation.

  5. Will my original donation ever be spent?
    No, it is only the earnings that will be distributed equally to each Seminarian each year.

  6. If I receive a group of cash donations from our Parishioners, can I send it all in as one check with a list of names and addresses for the donors?
    Yes, every donor will be sent a tax-eligible receipt for the amount of their donation (if over $20.00).
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