Our Annual Bursary Program

Providing Help – Creating Hope

The Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus currently offer the following bursaries on an annual basis:

  • Three $1000.00 Bursaries to each of the Catholic colleges within Saskatchewan (St. Thomas More, St. Peter’s College, Campion College)
  • One $1000.00 Bursary to a student in each of the four Saskatchewan Polytechnic campuses within the province (Regina, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Saskatoon)

How to Apply

Students applying for bursaries sponsored by the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation are required to apply on-line through the individual Catholic College website and follow all their criteria.
Students attending any one of the four Sask Polytechic Campuses must apply through the one Sask Polytechnic website.
In order to be eligible for a Sask K of C Charitable Foundation Bursary, a student must be a member, spouse of a member, son/daughter of a member or grandson/granddaughter of a member in good standing.
The Foundation reserves the right to publicize the names and photos of recipients of its bursaries.

Recipients of our Bursaries

Polytechnic – Saskatoon CampusJessica Lukan, Father: Alfred Lukan from Debden Council 3456
It is with extreme gratefulness that I accept this award from the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus. This award helps me financially. It takes away some of the financial stress of buying textbooks, paying for parking and so much more which in turn allows me to focus more on my studies. Completing this degree is very important to me. With a degree in nursing I hope to become a wound care nurse. I am very honored and humbled to have been
chosen for this award.
Thank you,
Jessica Lukan
Jessica Lukan
Jessica Lukan
Polytechnic – Regina CampusMackinlee Brisbin, Grandfather: Ron Pigott (Deceased) from Moose Jaw Council 9760
Dear Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus,
As a recipient of the 2022 Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation Award, I wanted to thank you for funding this scholarship.
I am a first-year Psychiatric Nursing Student at Saskatchewan Polytechnic and am anticipated to graduate in December 2024. My goal is to become a Psychiatric Nurse in Dementia Care and Geriatrics. I am planning on obtaining a position as a caregiver to help fund my education. Thanks to this scholarship, I can reduce my work schedule and focus more on my studies.
My grandfather, Ronald Pigott, was a Knights of Columbus in Moose Jaw and I hope he would be extremely proud of the achievements I have accomplished and proud regarding my going back to school for nursing.
Thank you again for your investment at Saskatchewan Polytechnic and students like me. I am very grateful for this opportunity and your support for students in your community.
Mackinlee Brisbin
Mackinlee Brisbin
Mackinlee Brisbin
Polytechnic – Moose Jaw CampusAustin Arguin, Father: Robert Arguin from Resurrection Council 13214 in Regina, Sask.
Thank you kindly for the bursary! With my father being a member of the Knights of Columbus, having him show me what giving looks like, to having The Knight of Columbus give me this bursary shows that things really do come full circle. I’ve had the opportunity to help the KOC out a few times and they really are a stand-up group of people! Thank you for helping me further my career!
Austin Arguin
Austin Arguin
St. Peter’s College, MuensterPaige Barlage – Michael Barlage ( Father) Humboldt Council 1886
St. Peter’s College, MuensterHanna Irlbeck – Vaughn Irlbeck (Father) Lake Lenore Council 5946
St. Peter’s College, MuensterOlivia Florizone – Robert Florizone (Father) St. Anne Council 8638 Saskatoon
St Thomas More College SaskatoonJoseph Medernach – Richard Medernach (Father) St. Anne Council 8638 Saskatoon
St Thomas More College SaskatoonJulia Ramsay – James Ramsay (Father) Humboldt Council 1886
Campion College, ReginaAllie Dimond – Joseph Jakubowski (Grandfather) Good Samaritan Council 10418 Regina
Campion College, ReginaAliyah Schiller-Matharu – Edwin Schiller (Grandfather) Christ the King Council 9278 Regina
St. Therese InstituteVicky Serblowski, Interim Exec Director, St Therese Institute in Bruno presents a $1,000.00 Sask K of C Charitable Foundation Scholarship to Ryan Mallet from Tramping Lake. Ryan Mallet is the son of Mark Mallet from Unity Council 5707.
Ryan Mallet
Ryan Mallet
St Thomas More College SaskatoonRecipient: Joseph Medernach
Knight: Richard Medernach (Father)
Council: 8638
St Thomas More College SaskatoonRecipient: Samantha Davis
Knight: Jim Wacholtz (Grandfather)
Council: 6395
St. Peter’s CollegeJulia Frie
Julia Frie
Julia Frie
St. Peter’s CollegeDanica Kiefer
Danica Kiefer
Danica Kiefer
St. Peter’s CollegeAlex Hinz – Alex’s father, Ron Hinz, was a member of the Muenster council until it dissolved and his grandfather, Joe Hinz, was a member of the Muenster council and then the Humboldt council when he moved.
St. Peter’s CollegeAlysha Miller – Alysha’s father, Bradley Miller, is part of the St. Augustine Knights of Columbus Council in Saskatoon
St. Peter’s CollegeMakel Rizal – Makel’s father, Michael Rizal, is part of the Watson council
St Thomas More College SaskatoonSamantha Davis – Grandfather – James Wacholtz – Engelfeld Council 6395
PolytechnicFlorentine Schmitz – Saskatoon – Interactive Design & Technology – Grandfather – Florentine Schmitz of Council #5850 – St. Paul’s (Deceased)Testimonial – “I would just like to start off by saying that I greatly appreciate everyone that is involved in making this scholarship possible. The money that I received from this scholarship uplifted my mood entirely and took some weight off of my shoulders. Scholarship like this are such a great thing for the community and I am honored that I was chosen. I promise you that I don’t take this lightly and I will always be grateful for this scholarship.“
PolytechnicRebecca Markling – Prince Albert – Practical Nursing – Granddaughter of Eugene Huet of Council 7336 North Battleford
PolytechnicJacynthe Blais – Regina – Dental Hygiene Daughter of Daniel Blais of Council 5878 North Battleford DelmasTestimonial – “To whom it may concern,  Hello, my name is Jacynthe Blais and I would like to thank you for selecting me to receive the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation Award. I am originally from the Battlefords but am currently living in Regina for school. This year I will be going into my second year of Dental Hygiene and I am very excited to start learning more about my chosen career. The funds that this award provides will be used to help pay for my textbooks this term as well as some of my tuition.  Thank you again!“
PolytechnicAustin Arguin – Moose Jaw – Civil Engineering Technologies – Son of Robert Arguin of Council 13214 Regina
Testimonial – “I appreciate the scholarship, seeing my father enjoy supporting the Knights of Columbus and our church and having it come right back to his son is the true full circle. Greatly appreciated!”
Campion CollegeBeth Compton – KofC member Florian Folk (Holdfast, SK Council # 2430)
Campion CollegeGenevieve Couture – KofC member Gerald Joseph Couture (D) (Saskatoon Council)
Campion CollegeChristopher Schabel – KofC member Ted M. Schabel (Bishop Budka Council #5914)
St Thomas More College SaskatoonDavis, Madisyn – Grandfather: James Wacholtz (Englefeld 6395) Bursaries 1
St Thomas More College SaskatoonDyer, Jamielyn – Grandfather: Edward Boyle (Sacred Heart 1519) Bursaries 1
St Thomas More College SaskatoonDyer, Marielle – Grandfather: Edward Boyle (Sacred Heart 1519)
St. Peter’s CollegeLogan Selinger. Logan’s father, Micheal Selinger, is a member of the Humboldt Knights of Columbus #1886.
Bursaries 3
Logan Selinger
St. Peter’s CollegeTaevan Athmer. Taevan’s father, Darrell Athmer, is a member of the Englefeld Knights of Columbus #6395. The presenter for Taevan and Tori-lynn’s awards is Br. Basil Schaan, OSB (Order of St. Benedict).
Bursaries 4
Taevan Athmer
St. Peter’s CollegeTori-lynn Behiel. Tori-lynn Behiel’s grandfather, Lynnwood Behiel, is a member of the St. Paul’s Council #5850, in Watson. The presenter for Taevan and Tori-lynn’s awards is Br. Basil Schaan, OSB (Order of St. Benedict).
Bursaries 5
Tori-lynn Behiel
Regina CampusWillow Wanner – Grandfather – Stanley Fornwald – Council #5248 Lampman
Saskatoon CampusFlorentine Schmitz – Grandfather – Florentine Schmitz Council #5850 – St. Paul’s (Deceased)
Saskatoon CampusMitchell Wrishko son of Colin Wriskko of Council #10587, Saskatoon SK
Prince Albert CampusAiden Young – Grandfather – Ronald J McLaughlin – Council #8654 Fredericton, NB
St. Peter’s CollegeJade Tameling
One of our $1000.00 Foundation Scholarship winners, Jade Tameling, to whom Brad Lefebvre recently presented at St. Peter’s College. Jade’s dad is Calvin Tameling and her grandfather is Joe Tameling, both Knight of Columbus members.
Bursaries 6
St. Therese Institute
St. Therese InstituteAngela Berube Bursaries 7
St. Therese InstituteMichelle Berube Bursaries 8
St Thomas More College SaskatoonSt. Thomas More student Marie Chatlain, granddaughter of Harvey Chatlain from Council 8905, received a scholarship of $1,000.00. Presenting on behalf of the Foundation is Saskatoon Chapter President John Marshall. Marie Chatlain
Moose Jaw CampusMadeline Bitz, daughter of John D Bitz of Holy Spirit Council 8905 in Saskatoon
Regina CampusMatthew Auger, grandson of Peter Van Herk who passed away in Logan Ontario
Saskatoon CampusDarby-Jayne Fletcher, granddaughter of Wayne C Marino
Prince Albert CampusTyler Heffernan, son of Clayton J Heffernan of St. Joseph’s Council 8547 in Prince Albert
Campion CollegeRachelle Grabarczyk, daughter of Rod Grabarczyk (late father) from Council #1247 Bursaries 9
Campion CollegeSophia Selinger – daugher of Frank Selinger who passed away in 2013. He was a member of Council 4959 in Regina. This Council is no longer active.
Campion CollegeNicholas – son of Orest Komonosky Bursaries 10

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