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A Proud History of Service

A hand-up for those in need…

The Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation was registered on September 8th, 1969. This is the feast of Our Lady of the Nativity, the birthday of the Virgin of Virgins and our Mother Mary. This is very symbolic as Mary is the Patroness of the Order of the Knights of Columbus.

Since 1969, the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation has dedicated itself to creating, administering and advocating for programs and services that help families in need. Through our many programs, we have focused on assistance for families to overcome obstacles in their lives that threaten their self-sufficiency. Last year, we provided services to many families in Saskatchewan, and touched the lives of countless others through our advocacy and convening efforts.

In 1969 there were about 10,000 members of the Knights of Columbus in Saskatchewan in about 150 Councils. In order to build a sustainable fund, the State Council proposed that each member would donate $100 as a startup. If everyone did this the Capital Fund would have $1 million dollars. The interest rates on investments at the time were around 8-9% which would return about $80,000 each year to our worthy causes.

The requests from worthy charities around Saskatchewan continue to increase. The fund has now grown to over $3 million dollars and with very wise and prudent investing we are still unable to meet the demand.

Members and Councils have been encouraged to contribute regularly and as a result, many individuals have donated $1000, $5000, $10,000 and as high as $50,000 over the years. The accumulated value of all donations is recorded for individual information. All donations are 100% tax-deductible. (The present tax-deductible rate for Saskatchewan residents for donations over $200 is 15% provincially and 29% federally for a total of 44%. In essence, each $100 donation only costs the individual $56.)

Our Ideology

Charity First…

The first principle of our Order is Charity. The State Council of the day believed we needed to create a Capital Fund made up of donations from Councils as well as individuals. These funds would be invested (with a high emphasis on ethical investments) and only the interest earned each year would be disbursed, on behalf of the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus, to worthy charities and needy individuals throughout the Province. Besides the Capital Fund Grants made available each year, we are now partnering with Councils to raise funds for individuals or communities that the Council believes have a special need due to an unexpected disaster, a health-related emergency, or similar issue. If your Council believes and supports the cause, your Foundation will help also.

The second principle of our Order is Unity. The decision for us to unify and pool our financial resources provides the strength and influence to make a positive difference. Our financial strength can enable a unified Christian approach to improving the quality of life for those less fortunate.

Our Core Values

Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Hospitality and Stewardship…

RESPECT: – Treating others as we want to be treated. Accepting all persons for their unique gifts, circumstances and needs. Believing in the inherent worth and sacredness of each person and family.

INTEGRITY: – Seeking to help effect wholeness in all our relationships both individually and organizationally. Keeping the word, and being faithful to who we say we are.

COMPASSION: – Caring and comforting in a personalized manner through our diverse presence as social service providers through our charitable donations.

HOSPITALITY: – Assisting those most vulnerable and in need to an environment of dignity, safety, warmth and a sense of being at home.

STEWARDSHIP: – Making use of all our human, material, environmental and financial resources in a responsible and accountable manner.


In service of all…

Board Make up
Our Board consists of 11 members:

  • Three members from the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus State Board, the State Deputy, the Immediate Past State Deputy and The State Secretary.
  • Four Members were elected from the whole State Council. (The State Council consists of the State Board, Past State Deputies and two delegate representatives from each Council in Saskatchewan State Jurisdiction.) Two members are elected on alternate years for a two-year term. Elections take place at the Annual General Meeting of the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation.
  • Four Members are appointed yearly by the State Board and the Foundation Board. These consist of a Chaplain, Treasurer, Investment Manager and Legal Councillor.


Investment Committee: In charge of all investments and reporting to the Board
Grants Committee: reviews all applications for grants received by January 15th of each year and recommends allocations to the Board for approval
Public Relations and Marketing Committee: Promotes and recommends plans for the growth of the Capital Fund. They work to improve communication through our website and press releases. They are also involved in the In Memoriam program which offers Councils and loved ones an opportunity to have the Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation named as their Charity of Choice.
Planned Giving and Fundraising Committee: Works with individuals on a one-to-one basis who are considering the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation as a Charity of Choice in their Estates or Insurance Policy Plans. They also present proposals for different fundraising opportunities whether that is at the Council level or functions involving the whole Jurisdiction.
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