A weekly update from the Sask KofC Charitable Foundation – September 3

Contingency Project – Padre Bikes for Wheels

Sask K of C Charitable Foundation is excited to partner with St. Josephat Kunsevich Council 13129 in Saskatoon in the Padre Bikes for Wheels project.

To date, 200 donations for a total of $ 37,242.00 has been received.  This project has done extremely well and will run till September 15th, 2021. More details can be found on Fr. Ivan’s website at or on our Foundation website at

Another landmark in reaching 200 donations.

The breakdown for allocations provides for 133 wheelchairs @ $195.00 each

We are pleased with the excellent response received to date, especially from donors in other provinces.  We ask Councils and their members to offer a donation in support of Father Ivan’s challenging project.

Memorial Donations

Two more memorial donations were received this week. For details, visit this page.

Vocations Endowment to September 2nd, 2021.

We now have 32 Councils participating.  The total received is $14,195.00 which represents 6% of our target. More details here.



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