A weekly update from the Sask KofC Charitable Foundation – September 17


The Padre Bikes for Wheels project has been extremely successful.  Father Ivan Nahachewsky has completed his commitment to bike 2000 kilometres to assist in raising awareness for the needs of the less fortunate.  His objective is to provide wheelchairs and support materials to those in need within Ukraine.   More information and detail on Father Ivan’s journey can be viewed on his website at

Sask K of C Charitable Foundation, Canadian Wheelchair Foundation and St Josephat Kunsevich Council 13129 have partnered in this project.  For $195.00, a wheelchair will be delivered to Ukraine to a person in need.
Council 13129 has worked to encourage Councils and their members from throughout Saskatchewan to show financial support.  The Council has committed to offering a recognition gift to the Council that raises the most funds.  The results up to September 15th, 2021 are shown below.

At present, the project has raised a total of $38,592.00.  The project will end on September 30th, 2021 so there is still time to make a donation.  Additional information on making a donation can be found on the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation website at


DistrictCouncil NumberDonated to dateNumber of MembersRanking
28Saskatoon 13129$  2,325.00521
28Saskatoon 11775$  1,665.001052
25Saskatoon 4938$  1,395.00683
17Prince Albert 8655$  1,340.00574
26Saskatoon 2695$      895.00675
25Saskatoon 8905$     750.002586
11Yorkton 5182$      595.001107
26Saskatoon 9539$      500.001448
5Regina 5914$      490.00799
23Humboldt 1886$      400.0033910
27Saskatoon 8638$      400.0015911
26Saskatoon 8215$      390.0024412
11Ituna 5320$      300.005313
20Cudworth 3183$      200.008314
8Candiac 7564$      200.003415
27Saskatoon 9538$      200.0010016
25Saskatoon 10587$      200.008717
2Regina 13214$      200.0018218
14Denzil 3920$      190.006519
17Prince Albert 8547$      125.0015120
4Moose Jaw 1534$     100.0023821
15North Battleford 2094$      100.0010122
24Lanigan 6068$        60.005623
Total Donated by Councils$13,020.00  
Total Donated Non-Members$25,572.00  
Total Donated$38,592.00  


Memorial Donations

Two more memorial donations were received this week. For details, visit this page.

Vocations Endowment to September 16th, 2021.

We have 32 Councils participating.  The total received is $14,647.20 which represents 6% of our target.

More details here.



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