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A weekly update from the Sask KofC Charitable Foundation – March 19

Board of Directors Election
Each year at the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation Annual Meeting, the delegates are asked to elect two members to the Board of Directors.  This year, Shawn Scherr and Harvey Granatier are up for re-election.  IPSD Chris Bencharski will be the Returning Officer for nominations and the election.  If anyone wishes to have their name stand for election to the Board of Directors or has questions about the nomination process, please contact IPSD Chris by phone (306) 236 4182.

Memorial Donations

Memorial donations to the Foundation continue to be an excellent means of expressing the sympathy of loss to the family of a friend, member or loved one.  Upon receipt of the donation, the deceased member’s name will be placed on our website for a year and included within our Memorial Mass celebration.  The Foundation will also forward a certificate to the spouse or next of kin indicating that you and/or your Council has made a donation (no amount is shown) and their name will be included in a special Memorial Mass service.
It is acceptable to make a Memorial donation and also have the funds credited to any Endowment including the K of C Vocation Endowment.
The following individuals were remembered through a Memorial donation during this past week:

Dan Scherr                 Saskatoon
Mary Lucyshun           Calgary
Lloyd Macknak           Cupar
Ronald Ecker              Saskatoon
Julia Granatier            Saskatoon
Mark Bellavance         Battleford
William Smith              Regina
Ron Budd                    Dorintosh

K of C Vocations Endowment

We are now nearing the conclusion of Year Three which began April 1, 2020, and ends March 31st, 2021.  Our target for the Year was once again set at $250,000.00.  Although we did not have a provincial campaign, several Councils were able to make a very favourable contribution to the Vocations Endowment.
The top Five Councils to March 19th, 2021 were:

Council                                   Percentage of Target          
Campion College Council 15955                          1268%
Dysart Council 5557                                   124%
Fr. O’Leary Council 5104                               110%
Nipawin Council 7315                                 100%
Resurrection Council 13214                              78%

A complete list of donations from each Council can be found on our website
We have achieved the following during the current year:

  • Total donations are at $59,480.25 or 24% of target
  • 73 Councils have made a donation or 54% of total Councils
  • 4 Councils have reached their target of $25.00/member for the year
  • 1 District Deputy has a target of $25.00/member & 100% Council participation
    • Gerry Seidle District 1
  • 2 District Deputies have achieved 100% Council participation
    • Adrien Piche District 25
    • Ron Wassill District 22  

Total Vocation Endowment is now at $928,981.49

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