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2019-20 Grant Recipients of Sask K of C Charitable Foundation

The Foundation makes available Grants through an application process. Below is the list of successful applicants.

This year through this grant structure we have been able to distribute over $150,000 to the applicants that qualified for this funding. We want to especially thank each of the Endowments for their participation and support in making this the total amount available. Below is a listing of successful recipients.

  1. Due to the outbreak of the Covid 19, most of our Sask youth camps were unable to complete their programs. These available funds were re-allocated to the “Food for Families” Grants. Because of this, we were able to increase the assistance to the many applications we received from across Saskatchewan. Namely: Unity, Kelvington/RoseValley, Swift Current, Saskatoon, Luseland, Wynyard, Denzil, North Battleford and Humboldt. We wish to thank all those who helped throughout this time of distancing and confinement.
  2. Catholic Family Services located in North Battleford, Prince Albert and Saskatoon each received grants to help with their programming of assisting the needy inner-city families.
  3. Columbus Bosco Homes has a 3 point program; a farm school program in a rural setting helping “at-risk” youth, Family support centres program for parents and tots in Partnership with the Saskatoon Catholic Schools and a  Substance Abuse Awareness program coordinated with the Saskatoon Catholic Schools.
  4. Justice Centre for Constitutional Rights is a Law firm located in Calgary, as a registered charity handles cases across Canada for citizens whose rights are being denied according to the Charter of Rights + Freedoms in Canada
  5. Sask Pro-life Assn has many programs supported by Councils across the province, some of which are “Teenaid”, the “Choose Life” magazine published 4 times a year, Saskatoon Pregnancy Centre, Natural Family Planning and the “March for Life”.
  6. St Paul’s Hospital Foundation is building the Hospice centre for “end of life” care (Close to Home), the first of its kind in Saskatchewan. Available for families to spend unrestricted time with their loved ones.
  7. Knights of Columbus Indoor Games has been running for over 40 years allowing local Provincial as well as International athletes to compete in Track and field events. The internationals also visit city schools in Saskatoon and Prince Albert speaking and interacting with the students encouraging them to become active and focused.
  8. St. Joseph’s Seniors Health Center at Macklin needed lifts for moving the clients safely, assisting the staff.
  9. Face to Face Ministries provide youth retreats across Saskatchewan, helping form our youth in their faith through knowledgeable speakers, Song and prayer
  10. Rebuilding Catholic Culture provides 3 – 4 seminars each year, within the Saskatoon area, educating our youth in their Catholic faith.
  11. Turning Point Youth Center in Meadow Lake works with at-risk youth offering nutrition, friendship and a safe environment.
  12. The Circle Project Ass’n operates out of Regina answering the call of “Truth and Reconciliation” with programs involving indigenous individuals and their families.
  13. Mother Theresa Middle School works with the Catholic Schools in Regina providing an inner-city classroom for grades six to eight students enabling them to experience a positive school environment. The school works together with the students throughout their schooling including post-secondary.
  14. Our Seminarian Vocation Endowment supports the 14 Seminarians throughout Saskatchewan’s four Diocese including the Ukrainian Eparchy.
  15. Education Bursaries are provided to eligible students at our 3 Catholic Universities ( STM, Campion and SPC), St. Therese School of Faith + Mission at Bruno and the 4 Polytechnic Colleges located in Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon and Prince Albert.
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